6 Advantages of printing your books and magazines on demand

by Jolien Burgers in

It doesn’t matter who you are, why you want to print something or how many copies you need: with print on demand (POD) you can turn any PDF or Word file into a luxury magazine or book print. We listed six advantages of printing your books and magazines on demand.

1. You can order an example

You can order one sample of your book or magazine to see what it looks like in print. Or because you are very proud of your work and want to turn it into something tangible of course. If needed, you can make some adjustments, and order a sample again!

2. No required sales volume

When you just finished your book or magazine, it’s impossible to know how many copies you are going to sell. The good thing about POD: you don’t need to know. When you sell your book or magazine printed on demand, it doesn’t matter if you sell one or one thousand copies. With POD, nothing gets printed until one of your readers actually buys your book or magazine.

3. No storage and distribution hassle

You don’t have to order a bunch of books and then send them all to your customers individually. This means you don’t have to find a place to store all those copies and you don’t have to go to the post office for each order you receive.

4. You can change the cover or content any time

Of course you spend a lot of time editing your masterpiece over and over again, but sometimes you overlook a typo or a grammar mistake. When you find one of those, you are happy you chose POD. You can change the cover or content any time and you won’t end up with a bunch of incorrectly printed books.

5. No waste of money

As a (starting) self-publisher, you are not a billionaire. It is important to spend your money carefully. When you use Peecho to sell your books or magazines, the production, shipping and customer service won’t cost you anything. That means you can spend your money on a book cover designer, an editor or marketing campaigns!

6. Print on demand is sustainable!

When you sell your books and magazines via POD, you contribute to the preservation of the earth. No paper and CO2 emissions are wasted on books nobody is going to read. Let’s go green!

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10 useful Wordpress plugins for writers, authors and self-publishers

by Jolien Burgers

Some of you might already have one: a self-hosted Wordpress blog. With a Wordpress blog, you can create a community that likes to read your stories. Once you gained readership, you are one step closer to making money online as a writer. The fun thing about a self-hosted Wordpress blog, is that you can use all kinds of plugins to spice up your blog. Some plugins will even help you to create more sales. We made a list of 10 useful Wordpress plugins for writers, authors and self-publishers.


1. Zemanta is your personal editorial assistant. The plugin works as a semantic search tool that suggests links, related stories and images that match what you are writing about. The plugin pulls content from dozens of sources and more than 30,000 blogs. The tool can save you a lot of time searching for inspiration.

2. WP Inject allows you to easily insert free photos and images into your WordPress posts. You don’t have to search for the right picture on tons of stock photo websites anymore. Within only 3 clicks, you can search for images on a specific topic, pick one and inject it into your post.

3. The Editorial Calendar gives an overview of your blog and when each post will be published. You can move a post to another date with a simple drag and drop, edit the post and manage your entire blog right inside the calendar itself.

4. Install Contact form 7 and you allow your readers to send you an email. When they leave their email addresses, you can keep a list of email addresses and let them know when your new book or magazine is up for sale!

5. DISQUS comment system is highly recommended over WordPress’ own comment system. It allows your readers to comment without typing their names, email addresses and website url every time they want to comment. Since people can comment faster, they will comment more. DISQUS enables people to reply to an indi­vid­ual right under their com­ment, therefore it fosters communities.

6. With Fontific, you can use Google Web Fonts without editing the stylesheet. The fonts look very nice and easy and quick to select, so it saves a lot of time, as well.

7. The Tweet, Like, Google +1, and Share-plugin makes it easy for your readers to share your blog on social media. And when they share your blog posts, it will increase the amount of people that read your blog. The more readership, the more people that might like to buy one of your books or magazines.

8. Backup to Dropbox automatically downloads your entire site to dropbox. By using this plugin, you will always have a backup of your carefully written texts.

9. Who needs an editor? With the Proofread Bot, you can eliminate grammatical gaffes and stylistic issues in your content. It even checks your text on plagiarism.

10. The Peecho Wordpress plugin makes it easy for self-publishers to sell digital magazines and books as high-quality, printed products using the company’s worldwide, print-on-demand network. You can simply install the free plugin and create a Peecho print button for the products you want to offer. The plugin will then allow you to insert the print button code in any post or page from the editor, so you can sell your books and magazines straight from your own Wordpress blog.