A guide to the new and improved Peecho checkout

by Gloria Quintanilla in ,

We’re pleased to announce that we’re rolling out a fantastic new checkout for Peecho publishers using the Simple Print Button. This new checkout’s design is based on our Simple Print Service and comes with a bunch of conversion-enhancing features. Users who signed up to use our service after March 24, have the new checkout automatically enabled. Existing users can choose to upgrade to the new checkout or keep using the previous version. Read on to find out what’s new.

What’s the difference between the new and old checkout?

1. An order review panel which offers a summary of the order details

2. Multi-language support - your customers will be able to switch to the language of their choice (Spanish, Dutch, English and German versions are available)

3. International currency support - your customers will have the option of choosing their preferred currency while placing their order

4. Detailed product shots and information - your customers will have the option to get specific details about the type of product they’re ordering.

5. A friendly progress bar - customers will be able to see where they stand in the checkout process and trace completed steps.


6. Advanced customization options - Peecho publishers are able to customize their checkout. You can change it’s colors, the main background image and the text on the lower sections of the page. You can even change the domain name into your own domain. All of these options are included in the free plan.

7. A footer - the new checkout also comes with a footer which provides more information about our print service. This footer is included by default. Peecho publishers who have are currently signed up for our Plus plan can choose to remove the footer entirely.

Upgrading to the new checkout

If you’re an existing user with the old checkout, you will receive a notification about the new checkout when you log in. Click on the “upgrade” button to migrate to the new checkout.

Got questions? Feedback? Feel free to get in touch.